POWER RACK. EQUIPMENT: 2 j-cups, 2 safety bars, trusswith multiple handles

Technical data

Max structure weight (user + loaded weights)300 Kg
  • J-CUP HEIGHT adjustable on 25 levels (450-1890 mm) distance 60 mm
  • J-CUP Extra strong - 6 mm thickness with UHMW (Ultra High MolecularWeight) protection pads
  • equipment: 2 j-cups, 2 safety bars, truss with multiple handles
    • LAT/PULLDOWN/ SEATED ROW MACHINE Forweight plates with 25mm and 50mm diameter hole. Max loadable weight 160 kg. Pulleys system with ball bearings. Equipment/note: lat bar, triceps bar, foot supports for seated row, adapter for weight plates with 50 mm diameter hole included.
Framesquare heavy-duty steel tubing 75x75 mm - thickness 3 mm
Weight132 Kg
Set up size1463 x 1210 x 2322 mm
Gross weight140 Kg
Packing size2160 x 190 x 100 + 2160 x 190 x 100 + 1500 x 350 x 200 + 1250 x 390 x 200 mm

PDF Instruction Manual

Download the instruction manual in .PDF

PDF Technical Data Sheet

Download the technical data sheet in .PDF

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